How Important Is Paper Shredding? 

Even though there are already a lot of identity theft and economic burglary cases that is occurring throughout the online world today, the need to continue as well as enhance the regularity of shredding is still very essential. The leaking of confidential information and identity theft can still happen through paper form. As a matter of fact, it is when we are obliged at protecting ourselves from fraudsters online, that our processes of effectively destroying of paper trails falter.

You may have the shredding done on-site at the place where you are working or at home. This will include the mobile shredding device to come and destroy the sensitive files in front of you.

Professional paper shredding service providers offer services wherein they would come and gather all your confidential files, place them into secured bins and then they destroy them at one of the shredding sites.

One Off Sessions – You may contact a professional and highly reputable service providers anytime in order to set a schedule of your paper shredding solutions. In addition to that, they can even give permanent sealed receptacles in which you put your sensitive documents in it and then, call them when you would already want them to shred or get rid of those files.

Regular Paper Shredding – Paper shredding service providers can come and collect your documents regularly and either destroy them on your home or office, or get rid of them, whether you need it to be annually, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly.

 Hiring a Paper Shredding Service Provider

Any business or company will definitely have to destroy all of the sensitive files at one given point. Whether it is your own business files or confidential client details, you cannot just let these sensitive details fall in the hands of the wrongdoers or any paper shredding companies. However, what qualities do you actually need to consider?

One thing you have to understand is each paper shredding services differ from the other. Your instinct will more likely tell you all you have to know about them, therefore it is very vital to look at some alternatives prior to selecting the most reliable one. The following are some of the most vital qualities to consider in hiring a professional and highly reputable paper shredding service provider:

  1. Reliable and Flexible Scheduling

The best paper shredding company will do the task with your pickup schedule as well as recognize special requests. There would be particular times when you need to have more often pickups compared to normal ones. You also need to make sure that they are trustworthy enough to make a visit to come on their set time and date so you will not in an instance where you have mounds of sensitive files taking up a lot of space in your office or home.

  1. Security

All paper shredding companies like claim to be the best paper shredding services for your paper shredding solutions. They basically could not market their business if only they did not make this claim. However, what you have to know is whether they’ve the appropriate certification to make sure that they are updated with the secure paper shredding laws.

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Reasons Why Professional Shredding Is Important for Your Company 

Paper shredding is very vital for protecting sensitive employee files, client records and business information. As a matter of fact, protection of privacy should be your highest priority when hiring for a professional and highly reputable paper shredding service provider. Whoever, ensuring your documents are securely destroyed is not the only thing that the professional paper shredding service can give to your company.

In addition to increasing productivity and reducing liability, outsourcing your record shredding also secures your company reputation, saves your organization money as well as contributes to a better environment. The following are some reasons why professional shredding is very important for your business:

  1. Enabling Productivity

Depending on your office shredding machine is way better compared to just throwing files into the trash bin. However, it takes a lot of time to put papers through the paper shredding machine. Aside from that, shredding one file still takes a lot of minutes with all the procedures involve such as:

  • Oiling of shredder blades
  • Disposing of shredded paper
  • Cleaning up of small paper particles
  • Straightening sheets of paper
  • Getting rid of staples and paper clips

When you shred your sensitive files in-house, you may end up paying your crews to feed the shredder instead of making revenues for your company.

A professional and highly reputable paper shredding company in Worcester MA enables your personnel to make the most of their time and effort. Collection bins are placed in your office allowing unnecessary files to be disposed securely and quickly. The whole process of destroying documents is being handled for you, enabling maximum productivity for your crews.

  1. Saves Money

Keeping an internal paper shredding program for your business is costly. The costs may include:

  • Utility expenses
  • Replacing inoperable equipment
  • Performing maintenance
  • Purchasing disposal bags
  • Buying shredding machines

Outsourcing shredding saves a lot of money for your company. In fact, locked collection bins replaced your electricity-hogging paper shredding machines. They’re emptied on a scheduled basis which prevent unauthorized access to sensitive documents.

  1. Reduces Liability

You cannot ignore your legal obligations to keep privacy standards for your confidential information. Certified and professional paper shredding services make sure that the destruction of sensitive information complies with the standards of privacy protection outlined in the laws. The certificate of destruction further decreases potential risks of liability for your company by providing method of destruction and proof of time and date.

  1. Safeguarding the Reputation of Your Company

Your company’s reputation is one of the most important assets for your business. If your files are not destroyed properly, they may fall into someone else’s hands which can compromise the trust of your employees, clients and probably the entire community. It actually does not take a long period of time for a breach of privacy to become a headline.

Professional and reputable shredding services protect your company’s reputation by giving you reliable as well as ensure proper destruction of your files. Screened, uniformed experts destroy your sensitive documents following a strict series of custody processes, the destruction procedures are locked and recorded, GPS-tracked cars are being used for transportation of paper documents to a safe shredding plant.

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Professional Shredding Versus DIY Shredding 

Successful companies assess their organizational procedures very closely. Have you included disposal of documents in your assessment? The following are some of the differences between professional shredding and DIY shredding:

    1. Productivity

Professional paper shredding programs distribute processes of document disposal. Locked bins are technically placed within your office. The entire files which include sticky notes, paper clips, and staples can be deposited quickly into the locked bin. Quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly or even on a weekly basis, the deposited files are being gathered by an insured and background-screened shredding service provider and taken to a more secured plant for proper shredding. Professional paper shredding is actually your best choice for maximizing the productivity of your company.

On the other hand, DIY shredding give all the burden of shredding on your staff. Unfortunately, shredding files becomes the least priority for busy personnel. As a matter of fact, they are more likely to throw the documents into a recycling or trash bin instead of hand-feeding it into the office paper shredder. As a result, using DIY shredding programs only increase the company’s privacy breach exposure.

    1. Security

A secure series of custody is very crucial to any programs of shredding. Shredded document is disposed into a dumpster in a DIY shredding program. With the proper software, dumpster diving thieves may reassemble the documents that have already been shredded, thus, retrieve sensitive information.

While on a professional shredding service, it offers a very strict series of custody from gathering to destruction. An industrial-grade shredder shreds your files into impossible-to-reconstruct and unrecognizable particles. The whole shredding procedures is being stored for 90 days as well as recorded to video. In addition to that, you will receive a proof of your business’s compliance with regulatory requirements which is the Certificate of Destruction. In order to secure the privacy of the employees and customers, you should wisely choose the professional shredding service instead of the DIY shredding program.

    1. Cost

A professional paper shredding service gives you a more cost-effective answer for the destruction of confidential files. For a low fee, the whole destruction process and disposal of documents is being handled properly for you. It is an answer which allows your staff to maximize their time and effort on their primary areas of expertise.

The DIY shredding program cost goes beyond buying office paper shredders. An office shredder significantly increases your monthly energy consumption expenses. But more importantly, each minute your staff spends shredding, sorting, and preparing hard copy files is a minute less spent on revenue-producing tasks.

    1. Compliance

Total destruction of private and confidential documents is required by the federal privacy laws. DIY shredding program does not give you a verifiable process of document destruction. On the other hand, a professional shredding service includes the certificate of destruction with date, method and time of destruction, giving third-party authentication of your regulatory compliance with the laws.

Therefore, it is very obvious that a professional Data Shredder service offers your company an efficient, secure and cost-effective privacy protection solution.

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